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Here's an introduction to your ASB candidates! Scroll to learn all about your potential ASB leaders for next year!



Bailey Pickard

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Biology-Chemistry & Philosophy

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

Despite popular belief, the term “ASB” doesn’t refer exclusively to the Board of Directors. ASB (Associated Student Body) is composed of every full-time undergraduate student at PLNU. Each and every member of the ASB deserves to feel fully welcomed, and to know that they belong on this campus. We use the word “community” so often, but if I’ve learned anything in my 3 years of ASB leadership, it’s that actions matter more than words. I want to ensure that we continue to practice what we preach, and that we go out of our way to create an environment on campus that embraces every student for who they are and provides spaces for us to create valuable connections with each other.


Colby Douglas

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Hometown: New Braunfels, TX

I am eager to serve as ASB President because I have felt a genuine calling to do so. Point Loma is a wonderful place and I believe that what we have on this campus is truly unique - only achievable because of the blessings God has bestowed upon us. As President, it would be my job to make sure that the PLNU community is thriving, living with Christ in our hearts, and ensuring every voice is heard. I will aspire to strengthen the amazing culture we already have while continually striving to improve. One of my goals is to help make sure every student here feels welcomed, where they can both grow as an individual and become successful in finding their calling.

Vice President


Aileen Cho

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Biology

Hometown: La Canada, CA

I aspire to run for ASB Vice President to lead our college community, treating Point Loma Nazarene University as my second family. My commitment to fostering inclusivity and making a positive change for every student here at PLNU. I want to create an environment where every student is valued and heard, just as I have done during my time on the ASB Senate Diversity Committee. My vision is to strengthen the bonds we have with each other at PLNU by promoting collaboration and love. As ASB Vice President, I am dedicated to fighting for the needs and dreams of our diverse community, ensuring that every voice is not only acknowledged but celebrated.


Alison Fox

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Biology-Chemistry

Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Grand Lake, Colorado

I aspire to run for ASB Vice President with a clear vision of fostering unity within the Senate and amplifying student voices for a thriving campus community. My commitment is rooted in the belief that collaboration strengthens governance, and I aim to bridge gaps within the Senate, fostering a sense of teamwork to drive impactful decisions. Additionally, I am dedicated to enhancing campus life by actively seeking input from the student body on improvements. Through open forums and regular surveys, I intend to create a more inclusive environment, ensuring that every student's perspective is considered in shaping policies that truly reflect the diverse needs and aspirations of our community.


Kenzie Lopez

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Dietetics

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Representing my peers on the Student Senate has been a blessing and honor and has led me to serve as a listening ear for the student body. I plan to make Senate known to be a welcoming space and resource for students to engage with by voicing their ideas, concerns, and questions for PLNU, and for the campus to become a place for the students, by the students. I hope to incorporate my personable leadership skills and current experiences from Senate to improve effective communication and representation between students and BoD. If elected as VP, it would be a blessing to be part of creating Point Loma a place where students and the BoD can engage together and take action!

Director of Communications


Kaylie Shadburn

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Marketing

Hometown: San Diego

I've cherished every moment of my experience at Point Loma, and now, I'm eager to pay it forward by leveraging the skills and leadership qualities I've learned here. My goal is to foster inclusivity and warmth in every corner of our student community, ensuring that every student feels valued and embraced in every facet of campus life through strategic marketing and communication efforts. I am confident that I can bring a new, creative spark to the associative student body and will set a new precedent for future classes to come.

Director of Student Relations


Ian MacKay

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Organizational Communication

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Ever since I stepped on to the Point Loma campus, I felt the formidable community everyone speaks so highly of. The community that is made up by the students, professors, and staff truly changed my life during my time here. I want to run for the director of student relations to provide the current and future students the same wonderful experience I have had. The vision for this role is to maintain this wonderful community and to provide an open space where everyone can find their own people. God works in wonderful and mysterious ways, as He guides us to roles we would never expect to reach for.


Elena Yoder

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Health and Human Performance

Minor: Christian Studies

Hometown: Peoria, Arizona

As a 20-year old thinker, feeler, dreamer, and doer, my heart is set on breaking the borders of our culture through Jesus. We have the opportunity to co-exist at Loma for a multitude of reasons and I feel this bold call to wholeheartedly love and encourage every person to continue leaning into formation through community and clubs. We get to start in this very moment. Let’s grow, learn, and love through what sets our hearts on fire for something greater than ourselves. This is my ultimate hope: to foster a culture of connection that echoes loudly and is centered on valuing each other through the Lord’s love.


Keven Campbell

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Biology

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

To work and collaborate in a high level group setting utilizing my capabilities to better Point Loma as a whole. I want to run to develop stronger leadership skills and help carry the responsibility of creating an inclusive environment at Loma, serving the campus with a Christ-like heart.

Director of Spiritual Life


Jazmyn Collins

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Christian Studies

Minor: Pre-Therapeutic Psychology

Hometown: Porterville, CA

If you know me, you have likely heard me say “everyone has a seat at the table.” While this may seem cliche, my vision flows out of a deep commitment to follow the example of Jesus who gave all people a voice and seat of belonging, even those who were unlike him and who would betray him. I want to run for ASB Director of Spiritual Life because I want to walk alongside our student body in God’s restorative work. I desire to bring the gifts and wisdom from my major in Christian Studies and significant ministry experience to this role to cultivate worship spaces that are Spirit-led, hospitable, honest, creative, and loving–where all people can bring their full selves.

Lux Coker

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Business- International Development 

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Being in the position to run for ASB Director of Spiritual Life is from the Lord alone, and, if elected, all said and done will be for Him and through Him. My goal in this is to highlight the fact that, the same way this role is not about the candidate, this life is not about us. We turn away from God in times when we should be sprinting toward Him because we want to hide our darkness to protect our fleshly image. The reality is, the Lord sees our hardness, and it is His to soften to amplify His glory and to sanctify our spirit. Our downfalls and our darkness is the Lord’s to illuminate, not ours to hide. 


Naomi Norton

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Writing

Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Orange County, CA

The Lord has blessed me with a love for mentorship. Throughout my life, I have been deeply poured into by wonderful mentors who have helped direct my spiritual path. As ASB Director of Spiritual Life, I will act as a loving friend to help guide the student body along their journey with Christ, as well as create opportunities for spiritual growth on this campus. I am passionate about hearing the ways the Lord is speaking to every student here at PLNU, and giving a voice to their testimonies. I have personally experienced the power of mentorship, and in this role, I plan to humbly offer myself as a mentor and friend to the student body.

Director of Activities


Carly Funke

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Applied Health Science

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga


Cultivating a space of inclusivity and engagement for the student body is something I’m extremely passionate about. I believe there is an event for everyone and a way for every person to be included on campus! My goal for the Director of Activities position would be to carry on the legacy of the amazing on-campus events that bring people together here at Loma—connecting students, building community, and deepening relationships.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 9.58_edited.jpg

Emery Mundis

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Philosophy

Hometown: Encinitas, CA

I have a desire to lead the university and the student body as a whole in a way that unifies us through the means of activities with the goal of glorifying God in all that we do. Through the variety of activities from Bobby B’s Birthday Bash to the Spring Formal, and all that’s in between, I want to bring light and life to campus and the students that make PLNU so special. I want to bring recognition to the hard-working members of the Campus Activities Board and grow in leadership alongside them as we represent the student body in ways that build up community.

Director of Finance

Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 5.02.13 PM.png

Marcus Delker

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Finance

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA

This past year, as the Assistant to the Director of Finance, I got to work closely with Corey Kardos and saw all of the sacrifices he made to steward the position of leadership he was chosen for. From doing the mundane tasks such as expense reports and budgets to the highly community focused jobs like managing the ASB coffee cart, it became obvious to me how much of an integral part the Director of Finance is within PLNU’s community. If chosen I hope to push myself towards fostering an environment where ASB as a whole can achieve the most with the resources we have been blessed with.


Ryan McKenna

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Accounting 

Hometown: Kirkland, WA

I am running for this role to be able to give back to future students and help cultivate a culture of meaningful experiences and interactions here at Point Loma. I feel that this role is a great balance of what God is calling me to do in this next season of life, and something that would suit my skills in finance. My hope is that through this position I would be able to honor the student body by stewarding their finances well. I know that my time here at Loma has been life-altering and to contribute to a team involved in making that experience special for other students would mean the world to me.

Director of School Spirit


Anna Ivanov

Grade: Rising Senior

Major: Graphic Design - Marketing

Hometown: Houston, Texas

As an enthusiastic student deeply invested in the spirit and energy of our community, I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for Director of School Spirit. Throughout my time at Loma, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of school pride in fostering a sense of belonging and unity among students. With a passion for igniting enthusiasm and creating memorable experiences, I am committed to leading initiatives that promote inclusivity, creativity, and engagement. My experience in ASB and as a Hooligan equips me to effectively organize spirited activities that bring our campus together. If elected, I am dedicated to elevating PLNU's spirit culture and ensuring that every student feels proud to be a part of our vibrant community.


Dylan Peterson

Grade: Rising Junior

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Clovis, California

I am running for school spirit for a couple reasons. I want to bring a team together that is going to represent our school well and also support all of the different types of extra curriclular activities. I have a passion for school spirit as well as making our program more inclusive and welcoming. I want to create something that will last through generations of school spirit directors as well as school spirit in general.

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