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Interested in PLNU Clubs?

What is a club? At Point Loma, Clubs and Societies are divided into three main categories: Club, Society, or Interest Group. A Club is any ASB chartered student group whose mission is for a common interest not affiliated with an academic department. A Society is any ASB chartered student group whose mission is affiliated with an academic department. Finally, an interest group refers to any ASB common interest group not officially recognized by the Office of Student Relations. On our campus, we currently have 55 active clubs. This is a number that is continually changing as students form new groups and find common interests with each other. Joining a club or society at Point Loma offers so many great opportunities for students. It can allow them to connect with other students that they may not have met in their classes or residence halls. Additionally, it allows them to further develop their passions and find others who share the same. 


To join a club all a student would need to do is get into contact with the club president to join their roster and be a part of the email list so they can be included in different club activities. Below each of the clubs listed, you will be able to find the contact information for each of the clubs’ presidents. 


Forming a club, additionally, is a fairly easy process. If you find yourself and several other students wanting to start a club, the main point of contact is the Director of Student Relations. Once they are emailed regarding your interest in starting a club or society, they can give you the necessary information and paperwork and will work with you on becoming a club recognized by ASB. Once recognized, the Board of Directors will work to serve you to the best of their capabilities.


To contact the Director of Student Relations:

Current Number of Active Clubs: 57

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