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Current Events Brought to you by ASB

There are so many important events grabbing headlines every day and we have countless media outlets where we see them, engage with them, or are bombarded by them. Those events require our attention, but what else might we be missing? This section is designed to bring you a select pick of articles that may be overlooked elsewhere. Each week we invite well-informed faculty and staff to provide one such article accompanied by their own commentary. Come here to hear from the best, and let's get informed together!


Under these bleak circumstances we often do not take pleasure in the small things in life or things that do not directly pertain to us, but for a Finance major who loves dabbling in the stock market this is huge news.

According to Bringham and Daves “47% of all U.S. households now own stocks or bonds directly.” On top of that 61% of individuals have indirect stake in the markets because of investing institution like pension/retirement accounts (i.e. 401K or pension plan). A majority of Americans are somehow impacted by the stock market whether for savings, personal investing, or retirement. 

Knowing all this, seeing that the S&P has risen highest since the start of the COVID crisis around February should be a welcome surprise. The markets are looking to become more stable and hopefully the markets can make a recovery in the near future.

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“The Process of Securitization.” Intermediate Financial Management, by Eugene F. Brigham and Phillip R. Daves, 11e ed., Cengage, 2013, p. 16.


On August 28, 2020, Gavin Newsom announced a new reopening plan. At a time where there is uncertainty for higher education institutions like Point Loma, it is curious where San Diego County will lie. Will the county be forced to place new restrictions? Will Point Loma have to revisit its plan to bring more people into campus?

Hopefully these answers will be answered soon.


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