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Mental Health Resources 

Currently, so many students on our campus struggle with mental health including myself. We are not Mental Health Professionals, but this tab is a safe place with some resources and tools that I use personally to increase my mental health and that you all could potentially use too. Our goal is for you to see yourselves as God sees you. Simply Beautiful.

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The Wellness Center Counseling Team is here to support you during this unique time of transition and change. Please refer to the Wellness Center website for a list of helpful resources, the link is provided below!

We also encourage you to download Well Track, a self-help, interactive psychoeducational tool to help you manage wellbeing issues. Well Track was purchased for undergraduate students by the 2018-2019 ASB Board.  PLNU students can download the app or login to to get started.   If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Wellness Center at 619-849-2574 or


One of our very own Point Loma Students joins the fight for Mental Health in stating how much that self-hate affects her life and so many students' lives as well. This students states, "I think self-hate has become so modernized within today's society that we don't know how to do anything but tear ourselves down." To respond to this, this student has been placing a sticky note "of love" on her bathroom mirror each day. These notes contain encouraging statements that you can read each day when you are in need of a boost of love. Join our fellow student in her project to promote self care and self love! Check out her instagram and place a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, car mirror, or any place that you will see it, read it, and BELIEVE it.



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