Weekly Devotionals from the PLNU Spiritual Life Community

Weekly Devo By Hadley Halbert

  These days it feels as though we only live in a corrupted world full of evil. So much so, it feels like we can never escape it, and we are constantly being suffocated by the fear the world places on us. Being a college student during this time brings on a new element of fear. What is in store for my future? Am I going to be able to grow up and accomplish my dreams? It often feels so many of our questions are unknown and unanswered. But the one thing we do know is that God has all the answers. Even when there seems to be no escape from the events and sickness in the world, I know that I have faith in the one who made me and put me in this world for a purpose. All we can do in times like these is pray and have faith, trust, and have hope that the God who gave His life for the world he loves so much, is in control of everything. I know that nothing will happen to me that God isn’t in control of. No matter what circumstance comes into my life, God is in control. No, my friends, this is not an easy thing to do! We are human and want to know everything that could potentially harm us or interfere with the plans we have for ourselves. However, this is something we need to learn to do. Learn to let go of our fears and place them in God’s hands where they should be. The Lord is in control and loves his children deeply. As we head into our 7th and 8th weeks of school, I pray for you, and any situations you are facing or have fear of. May God bring you peace, because there is nothing that God cannot handle.



You are loved,

Hadley Halbert