Weekly Devotionals from the PLNU Spiritual Life Community

Weekly Devo By Hadley Halbert

Rest has become a rare gem in a society that is constantly searching for activity. It's a lost art. But what would it look like if we took on the spiritual practice of rest? This doesn't make us lazy or unproductive, but instead it allows us to be in the presence of God and allow His transformative grace to seep into our loaded schedules. 


Mark 6:31 says "Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while”. God is inviting us into spaces of restoration in Him. When we allow ourselves to release the stresses and pressures of the world, and enter into a secluded space to rest and lean into the Lord, we find the strength to face tomorrow. 


I invite you to engage in this spiritual practice with me. I invite you to find a comfortable position wherever you are reading this from. Close your eyes, and open your body up to receive the gift of rest from the Lord, and pray this prayer with me:


Gracious God, we thank you for the ways in which you meet us right in the middle of chaos.

We thank you for being our encourager, our strength, and also the one who allows us to press into you with our whole selves. Today, we invite y\You into our secluded space, and we ask You to transform our hearts and our minds in a way that allows us to find joy, rest, and rejuvenation in Your Spirit and Your Word. Thank you for Your peace, Lord. Amen.


As you make giant strides forward the next few weeks finishing the most wild semester EVER (!!!), know that you are LOVED, you are PRAYED FOR, and you are CARED FOR. Allow yourselves to REST and be held in the arms of Jesus.


You are loved,

Hadley Halbert 



ASB Director of Spiritual Life