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A Message from your ASB Director of Activities 

What's Up, Loma! My name is Jordan Roby and I am thrilled to serve as your ASB Director of Activities! Super excited to plan amazing events for everyone to enjoy!


I'm an incoming Senior Marketing/Organizational Communications Double Major and I'm originally from Sacramento, California. I run Cross Country and Track for Point Loma and had the incredible opportunity to serve as the President of the Marketing Club last year. I hope to work as an event or marketing professional in the entertainment industry and inspire others to find themselves in the movies/television shows they watch! In my free time, I love to read, go to coffee shops, watch movies, and hang out with friends! I'm extremely blessed to have had an amazing college experience so far and can't wait to see what God will do in my life next year!

My vision for this position is to bring together all of the wonderful communities of Loma to connect with each other and build an inclusive, welcoming space for everyone to create memories through ASB events. I'm looking forward to continuing to innovate our more traditional events (Bobby B's, Goodwin Bash, Christmas Tree Lighting) and plan some exciting, new interactive events for our students. I'm determined to make this happen with an incredible team of student leaders by my side, the amazing Campus Activities Board. I'm more than excited to grow and empower these leaders, but also watch how they will inspire and change my life for the better!


My door (and email) is always open! Feel free to share an idea you have for an event, feedback on a previous event, or any concerns you may have! I'm truly honored to serve the student body of Point Loma and want to make sure the students are being heard! Can't wait for the school year <3


Jordan Roby

ASB Director of Activities 

Office Hours:

Tuesday  -  12:30-2:30pm

Thursday - 12:30-2:30pm

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