A Message from your ASB Director of Finance

Hiiiiiii!  My name is Caleb Crist, I'm the money man this year, also known as the Director of Finance. I couldn't be more happy to be serving in this role, every day I wake up with excitement that I get to create excel spreadsheets from scratch and 'crunch the numbers' all day.  I am currently living in San Diego with my friends. I am an accounting and finance double major and I will graduate in the spring. I have had a lot of internships that have been a great experience.  After graduation I plan on working in accounting. Outside of school and work, I love going on adventures with friends, snowboarding, SUPing and really anything outside. 


I am genuinely so stoked to be serving PLNU in this role, I have looked forward to it for sometime. In my role, I am responsible for setting a budget for all of the aspects of ASB.  This includes Media Board, Board of Directors, ASB employees, and clubs. I also make sure clubs and organizations have the resources they need to succeed. This year has been challenging due to the need for flexibility, given our current situation. I have been working on implementing new processes and systems for our accounting and finance procedures. It has also been great to have a new perspective so that we can improve and make things more efficient. 


I also love talking about personal finance and getting to meet new people!  Seriously, meeting new friends is one of my favorite things to do.  Please feel free to shoot me a text, email or phone call to set up a time to meet.  Until we get the chance to meet in person, I sincerely hope your experience at PLNU will be tremendous. 

Caleb Crist

ASB Director of Finance

Office Hours:

Wednesday 12:00pm to 1:25 pm

Wednesday 2:45pm to 5:15 pm