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A Message from your ASB Director of Finance

Ahoy ahoy ahoy sea lions!


My name’s McKayla Krolczyk and I’m a senior finance & accounting major. I’ve moved 12 times, lived in four states and I’m most recently from OC. When I’m not on hold over the phone with Chase Bank setting up club debit cards, I love to run on the cliffs, surf sub, draw, make oatmeal, play drums & guitar, invest in stocks, listen to jazz music, and go to OB beans. 


With this epic Board of Directors, I hope to serve in such a way that we make the invisible God visible! I am extremely passionate about this campus, and I love connecting people to places where they can bring their gifts and talents to something greater than themselves. I also strongly believe that LinkedIn is the next Instagram. 


As much as I love finance and would like to help you create the portfolio of your dreams, creativity is my true stoke, and I would love to grab coffee and chat about any ideas you all may have for PLNU and the ASB Board, or just life in general.


Come to Friday morning runs at 7 am at the ARC, or catch me at my office hours during the week. Let’s become homies.


McKayla Krolczyk

ASB Director of Finance

Office Hours:

Monday 10:30am to 12:30pm

Wednesday 10:30am to 12:30pm

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