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A Message from your ASB Director of Spiritual Life

Hi everyone! I’m Tess Schrupp! This school year’s ASB Director of Spiritual Life. To be able to serve in this capacity and this position at such an incredible campus like ours is beyond an honor. A little bit about me . . . I am from Los Angeles California, I have an avid passion for coffee, love to go on walks and hikes, and could thrift everyday of my life if that was possible. Im a big hostess and love to gather in community with friends and family, it is a way the Lord has brought me lots of love and connection throughout my life.


Stepping into this role, I really feel a strong call to intentionally encounter each student with the invitation to come as they are and be apart of the narrative being written by the Lord here at Loma. Each of you bring something to the table the Lord desires to use for His greater vision for us, which is so incredible to me! I see our spiritual life community as a place to grow, question, learn, and listen — this is why I am passionate about being a resource in all these phases and spaces while you are at PLNU. I see it as so beautiful that we can go through these things as a community and lean into one another as we are all learning and growing daily. 


I will see you guys in chapel, timeout, prayer team (Thursdays at 7:30), the ASB office, and probably on the basketball court for an intramural game! I am always around campus and a big lover of talking and getting coffee or finding space to chat so please feel free to find that time so we can get to know one another and strengthen this kingdom culture that is being built by the Lord on our campus.


Tess Schrupp

ASB Director of Spiritual Life

Office Hours:

Tuesday  -  12pm - 2pm

Thursday - 12pm - 2pm

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