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Groups and Organizations

The groups and organizations that make up Point Loma are fun ways for students to interact with each other, alumni, and the outside community. Groups and organizations are ran through different departments at PLNU but give students the opportunity to connect with so many more people within in the Point Loma community. Check out some of the awesome groups and organizations that we have at PLNU!


Contact Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Wednesdays

At the CJR, we examine fair trade and worker rights, immigration and racial justice, and human trafficking through research, education, and advocacy. Our work includes student-led initiatives, nationally recognized research projects, community leadership, and educational outreach. Each year, we lead a team of student ambassadors to cultivate this learning and further engage our community in social justice. The Ambassador Program provides a space to grow and learn while processing complex social justice issues. We will also be partnering with other organizations on campus to further collaborations and learn from each other.


Contact Email: N/A

Day and Time of Meeting: N/A

More information on Intramurals coming soon!


Contact Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Friday at 7 p.m.

Loma After Dark provides fun events for students to bond and get to know each other! It ranges from game nights to baking to watching movies! We have a lot of fun events planned every Friday night at 7pm. We can’t wait to meet new faces and see familiar ones!


Contact Email: Undecided

Day and Time of Meeting:  Undecided

More information on Musoffee coming soon!


Contact Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Biweekly on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA) are a group of students with a goal to connect alumni back to campus, all while developing strong alumni relationships and working to bring students and alumni together as the PLNU community! We gather to plan events, hear from alums across the generations, and recognize those who give enthusiastically to this place we call home. We celebrate our PLNU community, both near and far! Notable events include Homecoming, Green4Gold, Tuition Freedom Day, and Senior Celebration.


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Biweekly on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

To provide personal support, assistance, social guidance, and positive campus survival skills to first-year students of color during their transition to PLNU by developing activities and interactions with upper-class students to address personal needs. TEAM Barnabas aims to increase the overall access, retention, and persistence rates of students of color.

The program also assists peer mentors in their para-professional development by providing experience in the field of higher education and student affairs services; free training in specialized areas in the field of higher education and student affairs services; increased understanding and appreciation of different values and lifestyles; increased skill in creative problem-solving and advanced leadership training.


Contact Email: Email coming soon!

Day and Time of Meeting: Undecided

More Information about Transfer Activities Group coming soon!


Presidents Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: N/A

More information on Unmuted coming soon!


Presidents Email:,

Day and Time of Meeting: Tuesdays 7-8 p.m.

Voices of Love is a safe, intersectional, and affirming space for LGBTQIA+ people and allies. Each week we engage in meaningful conversation with one another, learning about Queer history, current events, faith/identity, Queer media (and so on), and hold space for each other's stories/lived experiences. If you're in need of a thoughtful support system (or even just a space to be yourself, whatever that means for you), we're here for you. 

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