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Who are the Hooligans?

The Hooligans are a group of students dedicated to include and inspire the entire PLNU student body! We're that hype crew in the green and gold overalls, here to get stoked for all the diverse passions among Point Loma's students. You will find us singing the Fight Song loud and proud, cheering for student athletes at games, busting our best moves at dances, t-shirt gunning Loma merch, celebrating our student artists and performers, collabing with clubs for events, and consistently spreading excitement across our amazing university. Each Hooligan will also have the opportunity to lead their own CREW group throughout the year!



The CREW is an extension of the Hooligans, who are also committed to include and inspire PLNU's student body! Each CREW member is led by a different Hooligan, supporting and planning monthly events assigned to their group. CREW members can also be seen sea chanty-ing, cheering, dancing, laughing, and celebrating students across campus! If you're interested in joining CREW, click the link on the "Join The Team" page!

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