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Interest Clubs

Interest clubs are ones in which students connect over a specific hobby or passion of theirs. These clubs range greatly, and tackle so many of the unique and different passions that make up our campus. These types of clubs allow for students to make extraordinary connections that they may not have been able to make in other areas on campus.


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Jemmia Pennix


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Sunday @ 6:30pm

Light sticks, fan chats and killer choreography? Sounds like Kpop to me! Come join the Kpop Dance Club! Here we get connected with our fellow Kpop fans and learn dances to amazing songs by phenomenal Kpop artists. We will deep dive into the world of Kpop and expand our Kpop community on campus! Come join the fun because we don’t need permission to dance!


Emily Leslie


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

We would like to invite you to join our Lifestyle Medicine Society (LMS) here at PLNU. Our purpose is to provide information about the specialty of Lifestyle Medicine inspired from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, to educate us members about evidence-based practice of helping individuals and families adopt, and to sustain healthy behaviors that affect health and quality of life.


Ally Ruch


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting:  Email for more info

Rooted is a plant-based diet club committed to educating and advocating. We promote environmental awareness, advocate for animal rights, and educate members about the plant-based diet. This includes debunking stereotypes and assumptions, and diving into the health and environmental benefits that plant-based dieting holds. We hope for this club to be a fun place for people of all diet backgrounds to engage in conversation and enjoy yummy food around SD! This club is not limited to those currently on a plant-based diet as we encourage everyone to join.

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