Loma green (#265340) is  is used on the main pages while black is used for subpages!

The white container is white with a 90% opacity. It should always be a square! 160 px x 160 px on mobile.

(This is a caption, and is labeled "Paragraph 3," and normally wouldn't be used here)

The main heading goes here. It's labeled "Heading 2"

On mobile, the font should always be 14 pt. (Oh, and the little line beneath this is 70 px wide!)

This is where the body copy goes. It is labeled as "Paragraph 1." On mobile, the font should always be 12 pt.


It is also important to note that all of the boxes are 515 px wide on desktop and 230 px wide on mobile. The box should be centered to the page (you will see it truly centered when the pink line goes all the way up and 

Beneath all of this is a container. By placing that first and putting things on top, you can move all of the text at once instead of having to individually select each element on the page to rearrange (in case you can't tell, we didn't exactly do that on the rest of the site. Sorry haha).

For emphasis, this font can be used! It is labeled as "Paragraph 2." On mobile, the font should always be 11 pt.