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What is the Senate?

The Student Senate aims to hear the student body’s voice, amplify it, and be the bridge between students and faculties through ways that better our campus as well as our community. We consist of a group of amazing individuals who are passionate about serving others and improving the quality of this beautiful place that we get to call home--LOMA. Through hard work and dedication, we were able to successfully contribute to the Shuttle tracking app, benches in various spots on campus, and a more sustainable, eco-friendly, lifestyle for us all. We strive to make every student feel heard, known and loved through our work, and we hope you know that the Student Senate will ALWAYS have your back!!

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2023-2024 TEAM 

2023-2024 COMMITTEES

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Interested in joining the team? Click on the button below to declare your candidacy for the 2022 Election Season.


From the ASB Student Senate to the PLNU Student Body:


The Student Senate aims to hear the student body’s voice, amplify it, and be the bridge between students, staff & faculty through ways that better our campus and community. In light of recent events, we feel it is important to address the ways in which our community members are hurting. We empathize with the student body’s frustration and concern regarding recent personnel changes on our campus. Though we cannot speak on behalf of the administration, we want all students to know that we strongly affirm and support their right to feel safe, loved, and protected on this campus. 


We urge students who are in need of support and love to know that we see you and are available for anyone who is in need. We encourage students to reach out to our Senators and want to remind the student body that Senate meetings are an open forum where student input is welcome and encouraged. If there are any ways we can provide specific support, know that we are committed to representing your voices and concerns. 


We recognize that as we reach the end of the year, we are limited in our ability to pursue immediate action, but we look forward to the opportunity in future semesters to encourage administration to make efforts to heal our community, and welcome partnerships with relevant student groups who are seeking ASB support. As we seek to continue these conversations, we want to emphasize that our main goal as student representatives is to make sure that ALL students feel heard and carry a sense of belonging on our campus. 


To find your ASB Senate Representative, please visit 


To contact next year’s ASB Vice President regarding specific concerns you’d like shared with the 2023/24 Senate, contact Bailey Pickard

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