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Social Activism Clubs

Have a heart for being involved in the many issues surrounding today’s world? There are several social activism clubs covering various viewpoints. Some are more focused surrounding specific political groups, while others are more centered around a certain topic or issue.



Presidents Email:,

Day and Time of Meeting: We hold events and meetings at different times throughout the month! Sign up to be a club member by emailing to be added on the email list, receive updates, and monthly newsletters!

Active Minds is a national mental health nonprofit that has over 600 university chapters across the nation, furthering the awareness of mental health and changing the culture on campus! The Active Minds chapter at Point Loma supports the education of mental health amongst the student body, effectively and sensitively discusses pertinent topics surrounding mental health and wellness, reduces stigma through conversation, establishes and engages in community mental health events, intentionally collaborates with clubs sharing similar underlying goals, and points students towards mental health resources/organizations. Active Minds is a student-based, education-based opportunity for all students across campus to become actively involved with mental health advocacy inside and outside of school.


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Thursdays @ 5pm (bi-weekly)

At college republicans we look to build a community of like minded individuals in a space where anything can be said. Our goal is to learn more about the current political state of the country and apply our Christian values in alignment with our conservative views.


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: email for meeting times 

SEAA Club is a group of tree-huggers! We believe by caring for the planet, we are caring for everyone in it and that little actions make a big difference. As we know college students have little time and money, this is a low-commitment club for a big cause. We will have meetings once or twice a month to talk about environmental topics, events that include volunteering and hiking, and on-campus projects. You can also follow our Instagram @plnu_seaaclub for weekly eco tips and news!


Liberty Ramos


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Thursdays 7 to 8pm (bi-monthly)

Students for Life (SFL) is a club dedicated to the Pro-Life movement, where we not only fight for the rights of the unborn, but strive to support and encourage all expectant mothers. We firmly believe that a woman can be a great mother as well as a successful student. Our club is one of many nationwide, part of the non-profit organization Students for Life of America! We welcome anyone and everyone to join (even if you may not agree with us)!Check us out on Instagram @plnuprolife to stay updated:)

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