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A Message from your ASB Director of Student Relations

Salutations! My name is Nathan Shoup and it has been my uttermost delight to do life with and serve alongside with all of you these past three years here at PLNU! I am a Junior and I am studying Applied Health Science as  my major with a minor in therapeutic psychology. My career goals and ambitions lie in becoming a physical therapist! 


This year I am serving as the Director of Student Relations which means I have the privilege to be the connection between the student body and the Board of Directors in I believe the most direct way possible. More specifically, the ASB Director of Student Relations not only advocates and brings awareness towards the needs of the Student Body to the Board, but also brings the passions, the beliefs, the values, and the interests of the University to the ASB cabinet. 


My passions and strengths reflect my identity which is a cultivator of inclusion and a catalyst for belonging. It is inscribed within me to not only embrace the incorporation of all individuals but to champion those who do not feel as if they are welcomed so that they realize their true identity, which is not an outsider, but cherished and accepted.

I have a huge heart for PLNU, and one of the reasons why I decided to run for the office of Director of Student Relations is because I wanted to contribute and give back to this special place through giving back to its students. To me Point Loma Nazarene University is not superb because of its magnificent aesthetics, but indeed exquisite because of each and every person that makes it up. 


Nathan Shoup

ASB Director of Student Relations

Office Hours:

Tuesday 11:20am to 1:20pm

Thursday 11:20am to 1:20pm

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