A Message from your ASB Director of Student Relations

My name is Jenna Moses. I am a senior biology major with a pre-med emphasis. My hopes are to do something in Pediatrics since helping children is a big passion of mine. I am from Peoria, AZ which is relatively close to Phoenix, so I am very happy and grateful to soak up the beautiful weather that San Diego has to offer. Some fun facts about me is that I love to dance even though I am tragic at it. You can always catch me dancing in the grocery store aisles, my apartment, and caf lane. Another fun fact would be that I am very loud. My friends tend to tell me that they can hear me all the way across campus, whether or not this is true is undecided.


As Director of Student Relations, my main objective is serving, leading, and helping the clubs and organizations created by students on this campus. As students develop passions and find other students on campus that share those passions with them they can develop a club allowing for deeper connections and relationships. At Point Loma, we have a large variety of clubs ranging from Surf Club to Biology Club with every possible interest in between. I help to get them started and make sure they have all the tools they could need. As a board, we try to work hard to fund clubs and organizations in any way that we can to make sure that students can seize different opportunities. Another major role with clubs that I have is making sure that they have opportunities to reach out to students on campus by hosting club fairs each semester. This is a chance for clubs and organizations to set up booths and reach out and engage with students in order to make sure that they know the many different groups on campus. Finally, I help to overlook the Media Board which includes Point TV, Point Radio, The Point Weekly, The Driftwood, and The Mariner. 


My goals for my position this semester and year look very different from people in my position in the past as we deal with the rollercoaster that COVID brings. A major goal of mine is to make sure that clubs still have the opportunity to be active in this virtual community that Point Loma is trying to foster. Many clubs are attempting to stay active through the formation of Zoom Meetings, creating mentorship programs, having movie nights, and so much more. Many club presidents are being creative, so I want to make sure that I am serving them to the best of my capabilities to help them still achieve their goals for the school year. An additional goal of mine is to make the process of forming clubs and filling out different forms related to it, more of an online and computer format in order to make sure that information can be easily accessed and more streamlined. I look forward to forming more goals as I discover the needs that the students, school, and clubs need from this position that I am so grateful to hold.

Jenna Moses

ASB Director of Student Relations

Office Hours:

Monday 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Tuesday 9:00am to 11:00 am