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A Message from your ASB Director of Student Relations

What is up y'all! I'm Colby and I get the sweet blessing of being able to serve as your Director of Student Relations! Meaning, I represent all of our clubs & societies for the board of directors. I have a passion for Jesus, people, guitar, and Canes. Feel free to come talk to me about any one of those things, or anything else for that matter!


I am so excited for what this team is going to accomplish this year and I can't wait to see how each and every one of you grows as a person. I fully believe the Lord has blessed this place and has called each of you to serve a special purpose for him; it is just our individual jobs to figure out what that is! So, above all else, I hope that every student gets a little closer to this purpose throughout the year.If we can accomplish this goal I know we will be blessed for it!


Stay humble, stay true, stay Loma.

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Colby Douglas

ASB Director of Student Relations

Office Hours:

Monday - 3pm - 5pm

Tuesday - 1pm - 2pm

Thursday - 1pm - 2pm

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