Student Art

Here you can find some of Loma's best artists! Take time scrolling through the page to witness some great art made by your PLNU students. We love to highlight our students who have a special gift!

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Hi I’m Hayley and I’m a rising senior visual arts major. I was first encouraged by my family to draw when my brother and I would begin doodling everything we could conceive from our imagination whenever a piece of paper was put in front of us. My mom and my great grandmother were also skilled artists and I remember wanting to be like them when I grew up. I’m inspired by bold colors, Impressionism, and Disney animation. I admire artists like Marc Davis, Vincent Van Gogh, and Lotte Laserstein. My strongest art pieces have a sketchy, gestural style. I enjoy creating expressive portraits and playful figures. I like using bright colors and outlines to give my art an animated style. Check out my Instagram @yelyah_art.



My name is Melanie and I started making and selling spoon rings about a year ago. I find spoons and forks at an antique store and make jewelry out of them. I saw one once and got curious if I could make one myself, so I taught myself how to do it. It took a lot of trial and error and a lot of teaching myself how to use different tools and things. I think of it as a way to appreciate antique items by commemorating it as a piece of history through jewelry.



My name is Kiana and I have lived in San Diego for almost my whole life. Vieso is a handmade jewelry line made in San Diego, California founded by me, Kiana. The name Vieso comes from my last name Valdivieso. My family inspires me in all aspects of life and that is why I want to share part of me, with you. My jewelry is to be worn by everyone. It should be worn as a form of expression. Every piece, loop, ear hook, and shape is made by me! The easiest way to reach me or purchase jewelry is through Instagram @vieso__



Hi! My name is Sarah Redmond and I am a Senior Visual Arts major. I work in many different mediums, but my favorite is charcoal. Because of this, the work I make is mostly realistic portrait drawings of people. When creating, I am most often inspired by the emotions I feel in my everyday life. I think it is extremely important to live life as joyfully as possible, so this attitude is what inspires me to get back into my studio and start working on a new project. I love working on commissions for other people, as it is my way to share my art with the world! Follow my art account on instagram: sarahredmond_art



My name is Emily Donahue and I started making and selling beaded necklaces last summer!I've had so much fun being creative with creating them since then. I love the idea of creatingsomething beautiful and being able to share it! I sell my pieces on my instagram @emd_jewelry if you would like to check it out!

white bead fan.JPG


My Name is Mason Plum and I am currently a Freshman at Point Loma and a Graphic design major with an emphasis in illustration. I've been doing art and creating for several years and it all started when I was a little kid. I would doodle and draw on books in class and all over my notes. I drew on just about any scrap of paper I was handed. Over the years the doodling progressed into real carefully thought out art pieces and a creative mindset. I've grown up in southern California and lived near the coast my whole life. As a result, my art is heavily influenced by skateboarding and surf culture. Additionally in my art I incorporate recurring themes of waves, water, nature, and of course surfing and skateboarding because they are all things I love. I think creativity is a gift and everybody has a creative side, I just try my best to show mine and be original. Check out my instagram @mcplum_art for more. DM me or email me at if interested in purchasing any pieces.



Nihao! My name is Alex and I am a senior double major in Global Business Management and Psychology. I grew up in the beautiful country of China and I LOVE photography! I admire precious moments in life, and photography allows me to capture these little glimpses of memory whether it's a place I got to visit, someone I got to meet, or just simply the stunning creations I got to appreciate. Every picture tells a unique story in my life that gave me the people I have and shaped me into the person I am today. I find inspirations in nature, people, or even the smallest things in life. As long as you have the eyes to see, ears to listen, and heart to appreciate, everyone is a photographer! Pick up your camera, and let's celebrate this beautiful gift of life! 

Here is my Instagram if you're interested to see more: @_alex_liu



Hi! My name is Dakota and I’ve been making clay earrings as a creative outlet (also to pass some time) during quarantine! I’m graduating in May with my Biology-Chemistry degree, so It’s been so fun getting to tap into something a little different than my normal day to day. I’ve noticed myself getting better as time goes on - going outside of my comfort zone was hard but it’s paying off as I’m learning more about myself and the different interests I have! It’s been super fun to get to make things unique that others will use and love. Typically, I sell my earrings on instagram !!