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sunset clip classic 2 (dragged) 3_edited
Sunset Clips Classic
sunset clip classic 2 (dragged) 3_edited


Teams of 2-3 PLNU students, alumni included, will have the opportunity to submit a 3-minute video clip of their best waves from the beginning of the school year till March 2024. The final premiere is April 25 @6pm in the Arc.

Clips can only be submitted from breaks in OB to the end of the Point. 

Clips MUST be from this contest period (August-March). No videos from previous semesters. 

**Filming a clip from outside the contest period will get that clip removed

Movie Premier

The final premiere will happen on April 25 @ 6pm in the Arc.


Winners will be decided purely off audience vote. 



Ditch the thrusters, 2+1’s, or anything that looks remotely close to the modern shortboard -- nobody wants to see that in this category. Instead, grab anything else... yes anything. While longboards, eggs, mid-lengths, and bonzers are prime examples -- we’d like to see some of the crazier sort. Use your imagination! Flow, style, and creativity are going to be the main points to hit when creating your video. Keep that in mind.


TEAM SIZE: 2-3 people


VIDEO LENGTH: 3 Minutes 


Alright Hawaii boys and slaves to the thruster... this is your category. Grab your most carbon fibered, lightly glassed, shred stick and get in the water. Put it on rail, up in the air, or spin it. We don’t really care, just make it look good. Speed, power, and flow are going to be what the judges are looking for in this category. Create your clip accordingly.


TEAM SIZE: 2-3 people


VIDEO LENGTH: 3 Minutes 

Get Stoked, Get Your Team, And Sign Up Now!!

Check out some of last year's clips below!

sunset clip classic 2 (dragged) 3_edited
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