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Music, Theater & Art Clubs

These clubs are a great way to get creative and connect with students who love to as well. No matter what kind of art or music gets you stoked on life, there is a club to connect with. Some of these clubs meet together and create within their meetings, while some go out and conduct performances in many fun and unique locations.



President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Undecided

We are an all male A cappella group that meets twice a week under normal circumstances. We have a large concert each semester on campus and then also perform at different venues throughout the year. One of our goals is to create a community of guys that sing together and have fun. This semester we are planning on having rehearsals along with bible studies and time to hang out. We would love to talk to anyone interested!


Meghan Coley


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Biweekly Tuesdays and the 4th Tuesday of the month @ 6:00 p.m.

The Point Poets Society is the official book and poetry club of PLNU. It is a space for students and faculty to share their love for literature of all forms. Reading should be fun! Sometimes school makes it not so fun with obligations, deadlines, and books that you don't want to read. We as a club vote on one book to read for the whole semester. This allows us to take it slow and enjoy what we cover together with no pressure. We meet every other week to discuss the book we choose to read. In addition, we hold an open mic once a month where all students and faculty, members or not, can come share or listen to poetry, prose, and writings of all forms. Join the club! Instagram: @PointPoetsSociety


Logan Manning


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: TBD

The songwriting club exists to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students who wish to participate and learn more about the music industry. The songwriting club will help connect students with passions for songwriting and relating activities through monthly club meetings that serve as networking opportunities.

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