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ASB Election

Welcome to all things ASB elections! Each year, around this time, there is an election for the new ASB officers. On this page you will be able to find everything you need whether you are running for office or wanting to learn more about those running. 

Important Events:

  • Info Meetings + Forum at the ARC

    • Tuesday, January 24th @6:30pm

    • Wednesday, January 25th @6:30pm

  • Leadership Trainings w/ AJ Pitkin in Thomas

    • Tuesday, January 13th @5:30pm

    • Wednesday, February 1st @11:45am

  • Declaration Meeting

    • Tuesday, February 7th @6:45pm in Cunningham

  • Campaign Week

    • Campaigning begins @8am on February 13th

    • Appointed position applicant interviews will be week of February 20th-24th

    • Election Forums will be week of February 13th-20th

  • Election Chapel

    • February 20th

    • applicants arrive @9:15am

  • 2023/2024 Board of Directors Announced: February 24th

  • Nazarene Student Leadership Conference (Boston): April date TBD

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