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Sports & Outdoor Clubs

Sports and Outdoors clubs are a great way to get out into the world and move your body. The many clubs and sports teams at this level of competition allow students to play hard without the added pressures that can come from being on the official school team. Outdoor clubs allow for students to get connected with nature and all its beauty as well as build relationships with people who share the same passion about the beauty of God’s work.



Kayla Voegele


Contact Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Thursdays 7 to 8pm (bi-monthly)

Point Loma Nazarene University Cheer aspires to encourage school spirit, uphold the pride and tradition of PLNU values through unification of the student body, alumni, and fans and demonstrate Christ's love through our spirit and attitudes toward ourselves and others. Point Loma Nazarene University Cheer is a positive representation in all areas of our involvement, through community, performance, and support. For up to date information on PLNU Cheer appearances, camps, and tryout information and material please follow our Instagram @plnucheerleading.


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: every other week in the ARC, irregular times

At the eSports club, we seek to provide a positive, friendly environment where those who enjoy video games can come together and meet other people with the same interest. We hope to provide an environment to make friends, socialize, and have a good time playing video games at various events that are open to the whole campus.


Bjorn Labrum


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: dates provided via group chat

Here at the Point Loma Tauntauns Hockey Club, we want to teach people to play hockey and learn teamwork, camaraderie and respect- but most importantly we’re here to have fun! Whether you’ve won three championships or you have never even put on skates, you’re more than welcome to join our team!


Ethan Buck


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Check the @lomaoutside Instagram!

We exist to provide Point Loma Nazarene University students with opportunities to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that includes a deeper understanding of self, others, community, and creation through adventure based, experiential education. From rock climbing to backpacking, mountain biking to kayaking, there is no end to the diverse adventures and experiences to be had!


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Undecided

More information on Men's Lacrosse Club coming soon!


Sophie Kairalla & David Carreos


President Email:,

Day and Time of Meeting: TBD

Loma Dance club's purpose is to create a space where any and all people can come together and dance. We explore many different styles of dance and we welcome dancers of any level of experience.


Noah Suemnick


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Sundays 1 to 4pm

Pickleball is finally at Loma!! Normal meets with community (fun) courts and competitive courts every Sunday. Tournaments around once a month with two brackets… an intermediate 2.5-3.5 bracket and an advanced 3.5-4.5 bracket. Such an amazing environment and can’t wait to see you out there <3


Smith Briggs


Contact Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Saturdays 10:45am to 12:15pm and Sunday Afternoons

Point Loma’s Loman Empire is a COED ultimate frisbee team that is dedicated to faith, competitiveness, and camaraderie. The Loman Empire practices every Saturday and takes part in a competitive ultimate frisbee league at Liberty Station on Sundays during the fall and spring semesters. We also compete against local and distant universities in the SoCal area such as UCSD, USD, CSUF, and Cal Poly Pomona. Our team is constantly looking for new women and men players and holds annual tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester to offer an opportunity to be a part of a great family that pushes faith and competitiveness within the Point Loma community and beyond. Didn’t make the fall tryout? Send us an email, newcomers are always welcome! We cannot wait to huck and chuck disks with you all! The best way to contact us is at: All roads lead to Lome!


Chris Lynch


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Tuesdays 5 to 7pm & Fridays 4 to 6pm

Founded in 2001, the PLNU Rugby Club is committed to bringing “The Light of the word” to the sport of rugby. The PLNU Rugby Club competes in the Gold Coast Conference Intercollegiate Rugby and is a member of National Small College Rugby Organization. The program first achieved national success in 2005 finishing fifth in USA Rugby Division II. The club won back-to-back Western Region Challenge Cup Championships in Pittsburgh in 2016 and 2017, finishing second and third, respectively. The team holds practices twice a week, with additional training sessions that vary during the year.



President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Wednesday 8 to 10pm

We meet weekly to play spikeball on the tennis courts. All skill levels are welcome, and equipment is provided.

Paul Towne


President(s) Email:,,

Day and Time of Meeting: varies, all club events are posted on instagram

Surf Club is for all ocean lovers. At Surf Club we see God's goodness and God's glory through the enjoyment of the waves and the sea. All skill levels are encouraged to join Surf Club. As a club we host barbeques, learn to surf day, movie nights, and share waves in the water! Follow us on instagram to keep updated with latest Surf Club events. @lomasurfcub


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Undecided

More Information about Surf Team coming soon!


David Sawada


Christian Keenan


President(s) Email:,

Day and Time of Meeting: Sundays @ 8:30pm

The Men’s Volleyball Club is meant to serve as a community for volleyball players to compete and play weekly! Alongside weekly practices and open gyms, we create a team of players to compete in league tournaments throughout the year!


Cierra Pineda


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: Sunday 7 to 9pm

Women’s Club Volleyball strives to build a community that values hard work, commitment, but most importantly we value people. We practice to improve not only our skill sets, but improve our team chemistry on and off the court. We love building a community of people around the sport we are so passionate about.


Contact Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: dependent on players school schedule, will decide as a team

Our club is for all equine lovers, with experience or without. We partner with Lakeside Polo club to train with their team, scrimmage and rent their horses. We compete against other clubs in California, and in 2020, we were the regional champions and qualified for nationals in Virginia for the first time in our clubs history. If you have any interest, please reach out!


Caitlyn Trainor


President Email:

Day and Time of Meeting: no consistent schedule

Our club is designed to build a community for people who are interested in scuba diving, are licensed divers, or are simply interested in the ocean. You do not have to be a licensed diver to join this club or participate in activities. Our goal is to share our passion for the ocean with others and form a community with rad people with similar interests.

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